About us - Felicity Dunn Consulting

I’m a former president of a community run kindergarten, a former public servant with a background in education regulation and a lover of surveys. I believe in the power of data to drive improvement in education services.

I created Kinder Surveys because it just doesn't make sense that so many early childhood providers, all subject to the same National Quality Framework, are all asking families the same (or at least similar) questions via their own surveys, when we could all be doing it just once via the same survey tool.  The old 'reinventing the wheel' problem! 

Families and staff know a lot about your organisation; if you ask the right questions you can get an idea of what they love about your service and what could be done better - helping ensure the service you provide for children and families is excellent and hence the ongoing sustainability of your organisation.

As the regulatory frameworks for all education and training sectors in Australia have moved to a continuous improvement model, services should be actively seeking feedback from their stakeholders.

I can do this for you. Independently, professionally and – thanks to the wonders of technology – at a pleasantly surprising price.

Other services

  • Presenting (in person or remotely) your survey findings
  • Workshopping survey findings to develop Action Plans - including your QIP and Strategic Plan
  • Focus groups with families or staff for more in-depth discovery
  • Skills gap analysis
  • Policy and procedures development