Answers to the common questions.

Will my data be kept confidential?

We believe data can help centres celebrate their strengths and identify what they might do better.

Data about your centre will be yours to do with as you will. Aggregate data about centres will be displayed in the Premium Plan reports, but never data about an individual provider.

Data about any individual centre is confidential and will not be shared without the centre’s consent.

Can I share the results?

By all means, data about your centre is yours to do with as you will, so you can publish your report if you wish. (It is good to share the results, parents are more likely to provide feedback if they see it being shared.)

Couldn't I just do this myself?

Absolutely. You could do this yourself, many centres already run their own surveys. The difference is that this service is independent, so your centre has a better chance of receiving honest feedback.

The standardised questions mean that, if you choose an option with benchmarking, you can see how your centre compares to other centres (in aggregated form).

The other factor is time. Outsourcing the administration of the survey lets your staff and committee focus on more important things, like actioning the results of the survey.

What's gone into the design of this survey?

Many people hate completing surveys, but they are more likely to complete them if they are brief, simple to complete and if they believe the feedback they provide will be put to good use. The design of these surveys gets the balance right, with not too many questions, while also ensuring collection of enough data around each of the quality areas to provide useful insights.

We have road-tested the survey with many parents and early childhood educators to get it just right.

We want to ask some specific questions about our centre, can we do that?

Absolutely, we can tailor the survey to your needs. That being said, we suggest no more than three extra questions, to avoid survey fatigue. Extra questions are part of our Parent Survey Plus Package.

We are a preschool, not a kindergarten. Can we change the language of the questions to reflect that?

Absolutely. All our surveys are customised to ensure they reflect whether or not you are a long day care centre, kindergarten, preschool or outside school hours care provider.