Survey Packages

Insights at the level you need.

With our incredibly powerful survey software and your own dedicated quality and survey project manager, we can build surveys and reports for whatever you need - from password protected 360 degree staff surveys to detailed reports by room or program. Passionate about education and care, we can also present and interpret data and help committees or leadership to workshop what to do next. Below are our standard packages.

Basic Parent Survey

A standard survey for parents designed around the NQF. Our most popular product, this survey has standard questions for families that help you pinpoint what families like about your centre and where there are opportunities to improve. The service includes your own unique survey and weblink to email families, a poster with a QR code to display in your centre's foyer, a reminder email template and updates on responses and detailed reports pinpointing strenghts and opportunities for improvement.

$135, or, with Benchmarking Data, $185

Childcare Parent Survey Sample

Kindergarten Parent Survey Sample

Outside School Hours Care Parent Survey Sample

Parent Survey Plus

Want some feedback about something unique to your centre? We can tailor your families’ survey with additional questions. (We recommend no more than 3 extra questions to avoid survey fatigue.)

You might need to find out about families'intentions for enrolling next year. Perhaps you want to see if your families might be interested in a new program you are thinking of offering; or you would like their feedback on parent teacher interviews or some other event. You can ask in this package.

$180 (inludes Basic Package plus up to three customised questions). Like the Basic Survey, you are welcome to add Benchmarking Data to the reports for a total investment of $230.

Basic Staff Survey

We provide staff surveys for early childhood education and care staff and outside school hours care staff. The survey asks respondents about how they feel about working at your centre and how effective they feel the organisation is in all aspects of the National Quality Framework. Note we have updated this survey for 2018 to reflect the revised NQF.

$135, or $185 with Benchmarking Data

Early Childhood Staff Sample

Outside School Hours Care Staff Sample

End of Year Kindergarten/Childcare Survey

This survey is a little like our basic survey, however there are fewer NQF related questions and more questions around the Early Years Learning Framework, including asking parents of 4 year old about how the program supported their child's learning and preparation for school.

The survey sample is here.


Premium Plan

Parents are not your only stakeholder. This package provides a comprehensive picture of your centre's strengths and areas for improvement across all stakeholders.

The links to the staff and committee surveys are below:

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